4 Effective Ways to Increase Sales Conversions

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 The term sales conversion refers to visitors who take further action on your website or online store. Sales conversion measurements are carried out differently depending on the nature and purpose of the business. Therefore, ways to increase sales conversions also vary.

For example a company with its online store measures the success of its sales conversion by the large number of clicks on the “add to cart” button. So the company considers that potential customers who fill out forms on the homepage are an increase in conversions. For a website, forms are usually only intended to get information from potential customers.

With an increase in sales conversions will certainly get a greater return on investment. That is why to increase sales conversions, companies will use various methods. Here are 4 effective ways that can be applied in your company to increase sales conversions through the website.

Perform A / B Testing

Experiments are the best way to reduce the risk of mistakes in decision making. By first conducting experiments will provide space for the marketing team to innovate and explore new opportunities. One of the experimental methods that can be taken is A / B testing. A / B testing is a technique to increase the conversion of your site by testing two things given.

There are times when you have two possible headlines to be displayed on the homepage and you can’t decide which to use. Then use A / B testing to see which works better. Make two alternative versions (A and B) each with a different title at a certain time. The A / B testing software directs website traffic with the same portion of 50% to version A and 50% to version B. At the end you will count how many people have taken action on version A, also on version B. To increase sales conversions, you need to know which choices work and which don’t.

Give Attractive Offers

Prospective customers naturally often ask questions like “What’s in it to buy your product?” And “Why should I buy from you? So you have to give them an offer according to their needs and desires.

You need to reflect to find out what your product can provide to meet the needs and desires of customers, while still being unique. Communicate the uniqueness, and filter it as best you can until you can articulate it in one sentence that can be trusted immediately. Try to be different from competitors. No need to stand out in all fields, at least your product must excel in one element that can attract potential customers.

Use Short and Clear Sentences
Never seduce potential customers with fancy business language but it turns out complicated and difficult to understand. This certainly won’t work. Welcome prospective customers on your website pages with short and clear words. Never string words as if you are talking to a company.

But make sentences as you speak with humans. The best way to change the marketing sentence on your website is to imagine you explain the product to your close friends. As Paul Graham, a successful businessman and writer, said, “write as you speak.”

Build Trust
Lack of trust in your product or company is one reason why people will not buy from you. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab there are 10 ways to increase the confidence of potential customers towards you, including:

Build the credibility of the content displayed on the website This can be accomplished by including sources of citations, testimonials or articles that you present.
The easiest way to do this is to have a physical address, display a photo of your office or display official permission from the government or trade association.
Highlight your strengths in the content and services you provide. Do you have experts in your company? Are you affiliated with a bona fide company? Show this on your website to add selling points.
Reachable. Provide clear contact information such as telephone numbers, physical addresses, addresses

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