Moka POS Cashier System Application is Now Integrated with Journals

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The spirit of entrepreneurship in Indonesia has begun to be high, as seen from the large number of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) each year. But there are still many MSMEs that have problems. One obstacle that is often faced by SMEs is the management of cashiers or also called the point-of-sale (POS) system. From this problem, Haryanto and Grady Laksmono saw an opportunity by creating an application called Moka that helped SMEs to manage cashiers.

Moka itself is a mobile-based POS system for small and medium businesses. Moka provides complete tools for sellers to run their entire business. Like the standard POS application, SMEs can do a variety of things around sales and inventory. Starting from making categories of goods, stock, prices, additional information and making business reports quickly and in real time wherever and whenever.

MokaPOS allows business people to make payment transactions from consumers using credit cards or debit cards. Not only that, there are also features for employee management and data management and feedback from customers. By offering three packages based on the number of items selected by the user, Moka can also accommodate discounts for sellers through collaboration with the bank.

The first thing that is needed from this application is to download and install it on an iPad device and create a user account. And get the latest features updates for free. In addition, thanks to the cloud base used by this application, businesses can manage their business anytime and anywhere by simply signing in to their account.


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