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As globalization develops, the business world develops with the advent of high-tech business transaction models. One of the technologies is CRM or Customer Relationship Management which is one of the strategies to increase customer loyalty, by implementing a CRM application the product marketing process can be increased and the results will automatically increase profits for the company.

Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that combines processes, people and technology. CRM pulls the sales process from the target market then converts it into customers. With CRM also helps get loyal customers. CRM is suitable for any industry. Because the system is prioritizing customers.

Starting a Business

In Indonesia, as technology advances the implementation of CRM systems in companies has been widely carried out. One company that developed this technology is Barantum. which is a system that functions to record data calls and internet-based telephone conversations that will be the best solution for companies to provide the best service to its customers. Because this system will provide convenience, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of overall company performance, with the Cloud Call Center system users can save costs and have flexibility in time and place because everything can be accessed via the Internet using only Laptop and even Smartphone devices.

As revealed by Handri Kosada as the CEO of Barantum, in the beginning the CRM system he developed was only used for one of his companies in Singapore. Because of the success of the software he made, finally in 2015 he decided to establish a business whose product is the CRM software. According to him, in Indonesia there are not many similar vendors that can integrate CRM cloud systems with cloud Call Centers.

The Challenge of Building a Business

However, in building his business, Handri said that there were many challenges he had to face. He said it was difficult to get quality human resources in Indonesia. In addition, because it does not rely on funds from investors like startups in general (bootstrap) in setting up this business. Barantum must take around 2 years for the development phase and only really do marketing its products in early 2016.  The Barantum CRM mobile application is now available on Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store / iTunes).

Promoting Product Excellence

Handri is optimistic about Barantum’s prospects going forward. Because according to him, there are many advantages offered by Barantum compared to other competitors, especially in Indonesia. The first is in terms of relatively affordable prices with features similar to enterprise CRM applications. Barantum is suitable for startup businesses or SMEs. Then the second is service, it provides free tutorials for customers who want to use these products and services are fast and satisfying. And the last, of course, with the Cloud CRM system integrated with the Cloud Call Center will provide benefits for clients so that clients do not need to buy hardware / server to operate. Staregy will save customers CAPEX through cheap and lightweight OPEX

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