7 Mistakes When Branding Products

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Product branding is an attempt to give an identity to a product that is able to influence consumers to choose the product compared to other competing products. But everything related to the tangible things of a product. Starting from the logo, visual characteristics, image, credibility, character, impression, perception, and assumptions that are in the minds of consumers of these products.

Product branding done right will help build consumer confidence so they will use and survive on a product. Conversely, if product branding is done unprofessionally it can have a negative impact on the company. There are some mistakes that often occur when a business is branding a product. Next Journal provides errors that often occur in full, so you can avoid them.

1. Careless Brand Selection

The product branding process has begun since the business owner determines the brand for his business. Business owners sometimes underestimate this process and tend to do it carelessly. Though there are many things to consider. Because the brand will always be in every product, document, and other things related to business. It is better to do market research first to find out what is in the mind and what is desired by potential customers.

For consideration, you can choose a brand name that is simple, straightforward and not too specific. A simple and straightforward name makes it easier for potential customers to remember a brand. It is also advisable to choose a name that is not too specific in case you want to expand your business to other lines in the future. So when this happens, you don’t need to change the name and start the branding process all over again.

2. Visual Usages That Are Too Ordinary

In addition to the brand name, another thing that will appear in everything related to the business and will be clearly seen by potential customers is the logo. A good name and logo will describe and communicate the products and services owned by the businessman to prospective customers. Strong brands are built using attractive visuals. Therefore, for the product branding process, try not to use visuals that are too ordinary. No need for designs that are too complicated. The most important prospective consumers immediately remember the brand when they see the logo.

3. Not Knowing About Prospective Consumers

Another important thing that should not be ignored when doing product branding is to understand the intended target customer. If from the beginning did not determine the prospective customers to be addressed, then the branding will be in vain. Business owners can spread advertisements and promotions incessant regardless of the background of potential customers. However, this actually causes boredom and boredom so that whatever is served will be ignored more often. Search as much information as possible about potential customers, starting from personal data and daily habits. The more information obtained, the easier it will be to adjust the branding program that will be done with the needs of potential customers. So with a simple process, you can still touch the right people.

4. Inappropriate Use of Social Media

Today’s social media can be called the core container for product branding. This is not surprising because social media can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. At present almost all levels of society have social media accounts be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Data from “Digital Around The World 2019”, states that out of a total of 268 million people in Indonesia, there are more than 150 million people who use social media. And they spend an average of 3 hours 26 minutes each day accessing social media for any purpose.

But with this huge social media potential, there are still business people who don’t use it appropriately. First, using too much social media. A business account doesn’t need to be on every social media platform. Simply focus on branding content on the platform with a potential customer base. Second, uploading content is too excessive. Presenting content regularly is a must, but don’t overdo it.

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